Building Z-based race cars

Besides a love for restoring the Datsun / Nissan Z & ZX, we also build racing Z-based race cars.

This is originally a Ferrari 330 P4 kit Neil Foreman MK4.













Zpartscentre / Auto Service Rozendaal has bought this kit half-finished on a rolling chassis purchased in late 2013. It is decided not to build it as a Ferrari 330 replica, but to build it in NISMO style with a Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo (Z32) engine. It is intended to make this car ready for the Dutch National Racing Team, or the summer evening competition. On this website you can travel on our journey.

On 20th  December 2013, just before Christmas, we became the proud owner of a true Ferrari replica. The Ferrari 330 P4 was launched in 1967 for 24-hour races and was a great success at once. With 24-hour win of Daytona and the prestigious Le Mans, the show was in the sports world. This icon, where very little of the building is built, still talks to the true sports enthusiast. In the years that followed, it was the Englishman Neil Foreman who made an exact copy and put it on the market. Ferrari was said to be “not amused” and dragged Foreman to court. This was actually a big compliment and a sign that he had done his job well. Ferrari agreed that the concept would change slightly and that the brand name “Ferrari” should not be used anymore. Many kitcar builders tried to check the replica, but only Noble made it a success.


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The Christmas gift consists of a rolling chassis with steering gear and a polyester body with a very scarce laminated windscreen. There was also a used Renault Alpine gearbox. This type of bin is widely used in middle-engine projects. For the rest so nothing !! No engine, water and brake lines, cooling, tank, lighting etc., nothing at all. The advantage of this project is that nothing has been done where we disagree. First made a battle plan and began to disassemble the whole. First, the brake pipes and water pipes are made, then the radiator with 2 fans and wind tunnel are placed in such a way that the nose is perfectly connected. The air flow through the nose through the radiator backwards should provide for “down force”. Also, the seat has been working, because this project is not a race chair for sale, so everything has to be tailored. The tank is custom made and built into the tubular frame.

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Because this is a racing car, and it was not previously looked at safety, the cage structure was adapted. Instead of 1 rolling bracket at the rear, a 2nd under the windshield is placed with 2 pipes to the rear and reinforcements forwards. Originally used Ferrari as a motor a thick V12. Since this is not a genuine Ferrari and we specialize in Datsun / Nissan Z & ZX, the choice was made on the VG30TT engine from a 1990 300ZX demolition car. We want to build this project with as many components as available from any Zed. For example, the 260Z steering wheel fits perfectly on the Foreman steering wheel. The engine is tuning the 3.0 L V6 with 2 turbos, standard 280Pk but with some adjustments to far beyond 300pk. This motor will be used by An adapter plate only made on the Renault barge. With a flywheel and pressure group of Nissan and a Renault coupling plate everything fell into place. Then made a support on the Renault bin for the Nissan starter engine.

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To be continued …………………