Race car Datsun 240Z

After a construction period of 4 years, the Datsun 240Z race car was completed in 1972. This car is a replica of a Datsun 240Z that ran Paul Newman in the 1970s in the USA for Bob Sharp Racing. The car is now in the colors of the Datsun Dealer Team Netherlands where Han Tjan achieved many successes in the 1970s. The body is widened front and rear and there is a L28 engine with 3 double webs underneath the hood. The suspension is fully adjustable by means of special lower control arms. tension rods and coil over springs which are specially designed for this type in America.



The 240Z tuned by the Autosport Company Waalwijk, the balance in the car is super and we now also know that the car has 210PK power and 270nm torque with a weight of 1060kg. Time for real work so, the shakedown! We drove to Circuit Park Zandvoort. On the circuit this day is an open race day, race cars can then make test kilometers. But of course it is also fun for fun. The car encountered a technical inspection to guarantee safety on the race track. This is an exciting moment, they are mostly FIA-approved requirements, but safety first! We decide to ride in the afternoon, on the track, so fewer cars are present. During the first round, the Datsun is already running up immediately.

Everyone looks at the built-in vintage car in 1972, because the Datsun runs between the newest BMWs and Porsche’s.  After a few laps, the car will come in and everything will be checked. The temperature is good and everything indicates that the car is running well. Then get up and see what the lap times are. That is not the case in itself. The fastest time is set in lap time 2: 0723. During the Pentecost races at Zandvoort in 2013, this Datsun 240Z was also on television during a car A event in the Burando Open. Best lap time, on Toyo semi slick tires, was 2: 05.253! This Datsun 240Z finishes fourth in the second race just outside the podium.